MO5, MO6 & PC128 programs
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MO5, MO6 & PC128 programs running with DCMOTO. Program files, screenshots, documentation and download are available from the list below. Please note that some games are not freeware but abandonware. They will be removed on copyright owner's request.

Help wanted
Please use Thomson 8 bits forum (link below) for feedback and questions. If you own a missing program and/or documentation, your contribution is welcome.

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Thanks for their contribution to René, Marion & Stéphane, Christophe, Xavier & Joël, Mathieu, Rhinau, Marco, Stéphane, Jérome, Rémi, Javier, Lilian, Julien, Alessio, Olivier, Pascal, Michele A., Nicolas, Jérémie, Gianluca, Paul, Andrea, Cyberpingui, Stefano, Nicolas (auteur d'un livre sur l'émulation), David, Fabien, Ronan & Guénaël, Michele B, Lionel, Enrico ...
The heaviest contribution is a 11 kg parcel from Ronan and Guénaël.
Olivier is the best contributor yet with more than thirty new MO6 games.
Jérémie is a great contributor too, with k7 files, cartridge images and scanned documentation.
Michele scanned game user guides and converted successfully a lot of Italian programs from cassette to .k7 files.
Special thanks for their encouragement and participation to the game authors : Didier & Olivier Guillion Myriad, Gérard Banel Square, Pascal Bacoux, Pascal Pellier, Christian Lemaire, William Hennebois, Grégory Ruck, Sylvain Karpf ...

Cartridge, tape and disk conversions
A free service is offered to program owners who want to convert their original cartridges, tapes or disks to PC files. It's also possible to make cassettes or disks from PC files. Ask for details.

Contest : **** Win a Thomson MO6 ****
Download here these three original MO6 games : Quad, Marche a l'Ombre, Superski. Each of them contains a bug. The first programmer who'll find all three bugs and send me the fixed programs wins the MO6.

l'aigle d'or quad les dieux de la glisse crystann

Last additions - Derniers ajouts
Programs : 8 - Screenshots : 24 - Documentations : 1 - Other files : 1
Agenda (new )Answare*1984utilOKOKrom 1 2 3 4 *
Dom Camillo (It) (new )Free Game Blot*1987gamenoOKk7 1 2 3 4 *
Font Manager (It) (new )***utilnoOKk7 1 2 *
Gemini (new )Nathan*1982gameOKOKrom 1 2 *
I.L. L'Intrus (new sol)InfogramesSylvain Karpf1984gameOKOKk7 doc 1 2 3 4 c sol
Iznogoud (new )Infogrames*1987gamenoOKk7 1 2 3 *
Macadam Bumper (new )***gamenoOKk7 1 2 3 *
Melodia (new )Nathan*1982gameOKOKrom 1 2 *
OK Cowboy (It) (new )InfogramesPierre Bayle
Roger Granier
1987gamenoOKk7 1 2 3 4 *
Vol Solo (new It doc)FILJoel Sana1985gameOKOKk7 itd doc 1 2 3 c1 c2

Full list - Liste complète
Programs : 380 - Screenshots : 1528 - Documentations : 89 - Other files : 260

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